Get the brief right first time . . every time!

A creative design brief is a joint agreement between the producer and you (our client) on the specifications that will lead to a successful solution. Many of our clients feel that they need to provide the brief, and that we are there just to follow it. In a sense, the client does provide the brief, through the information that we gain, but the client shouldn’t write the brief without our input. We’ll be using the brief so we will write the brief clearly, accurately and comprehensively in consultation with your good self.

The brief itself is not a work of art. You don’t need to spend hours making it look pretty—nobody will see it (apart from us). As part of our commitment to providing transparent and efficient service, we offer prospective clients the option to complete a Project Outline Document. This option provides considerable savings for the client as there are no charges for consultation, planning, story boarding or information gathering.

By filling out this easy-to-use form you can:

  • tell us exactly what you want;
  • save money;
  • jump the production queue and
  • receive fast project delivery

Information you provide as part of the Project Outline Document may assist us to identify additional demographic information, behavioural characteristics, or sub-cultural influences that are specifically relevant and useful when attracting particular audience types.

You may prefer to avoid the form altogether and talk with us directly. We are always happy to listen, offer ideas, answer questions and provide additional information, so if you wish to speak with us, please don’t hesitate to call the Audio Place studio on 0478 414 582.

In response, we will provide you various options for your project with accurate quotes and realistic timelines for each stage of production. We will also offer other recommendations you may wish to consider or discuss with your colleagues.

We look forward to hearing from you.

3 easy ways to boost your brand with audio

This post is for people in business who are looking to grow their brand ways that are unique, affordable and effective. 83% of all the advertising we’re exposed to focuses exclusively on the sense of sight. This presents business with a number of unique opportunities to leverage of the audio platforms.

1. Refresh your messages on hold

What do your callers hear when they are on hold or being transferred?

• chimes playing Pachelbel’s Canon or Greensleeves?
• a crackly radio playing random music, commercials or offensive material?
• custom messages promoting last quarter’s “news”? Or worse
• impersonal silence?

Every business has hold time and now you’ve invested in marketing to get them to call you, don’t waste it with an on hold experience that’s sure to end in a hang up. A well written set of messages can help promote new products, services and business direction. You can use them show gratitude for your customers and partners, spruik them many talents of your staff and answer frequently asked questions. Audio Place suggests a tried and true format that consists of 4-6 messages (about thirty seconds each) spaced out by fifteen seconds of targeted music. The total production loops should be about four to five minutes. This is not to suggest that callers will ever be left on hold that long. However it does allow your regular callers to get exposed to different parts of the loop. At the end of the day. Professional on hold messages are a sure fire way to limit hang-ups whilst engaging your callers so that when they come of hold they are in the right well-informed and buying frame of mind.

2. Get a jingle

There are 3 reasons why jingles are awesome & you need one to make your business awesome.

Firstly, people need to know your business exists. People are self-centred and easily distracted. You need to grab their attention. Forbes research states that “83% of all the advertising we’re exposed to focuses exclusively on the sense of sight”. Jingles operate in the “17%” making it fairly easy to steal the spotlight from your competitors and shine it right upon your business.

Secondly, people need to like your business. Music makes us feel great. You know when you hear a song and it instantly takes you back to an awesome experience in your life? Well that’s the power of association. Music serves as a sound track for a mental movie that starts playing in our head and when people hear your jingle their brains will make positive neurological connections, instantly linking those awesome feelings to your awesome business.

Finally, a jingle makes your business unforgettable. When information is combined with music it becomes 10 times more memorable, making a permanent record of information in your brain. Jingles are not just for television and radio. They can then go onto your phone system. They can be a music bed to your videos and the “hook” can go at the end of all your videos with your logo and tagline. Jingles be can used at trade-shows and public speaking events. You place a link to it in your email signature and make it available for download. To watch this in video format please click here.

3. Make a web video

ComStore recently published that customers are 64% more likely to buy from a business with a home page video, 53 times more likely to be on the first page of a Google listing and generate 4 times more revenue. I overheard an SEO joke shared amongst geeks this week: “the second page of Google is a good spot to hide a dead body”. So a web video is a must. According to a panel of film directors at the St Kilda Film Festival 2014, “You can shoot a web-video on an iPhone and overlay it with professional sound and keep your audience engaged. However, if you shoot on Sony’s latest digital video camera and capture the audio with your iPhone, people will divert their attention within the first ten seconds”. This means that web videos need not be expensive. By using a combination of stills, animated text and a little bit of footage (even if it’s from a phone camera) it’s quiet easy to write a clever script with a call to action. Videos that work really well are one’s that help add value to your clients and prospects. For example;

• corporate videos that explain your company’s product and/or service
• how to video’s (you can view case studies at the bottom of this page)
• meet the team videos that highlight the talents and expertise of your staff
• video testimonials and case studies with your clients and partners

Audio Place practices what we preach so to view our explainer video, click here. Now you’ve read this far we trust that there is at least one idea here that you can implement. We believe that implementation of ideas is the key to marketing success.

Audio Place home page video transcript

Congratulations on building your business. Creating its reputation has taken blood, sweat and tears. So now we know what your business does and how it looks, “how does your brand sound”? Audio is an incredibly powerful way to reach a new audience, increase sales, improve your image and be the very best. Your story is important and if it doesn’t “hit the mark” people won’t listen. [00:22]

So doing it yourself will be easy right? Just take an intensive script writing course, buy a truckload of pro audio hardware and read the manual for the latest software. Then audition 6 voice-overs, 2 song writers and 8 musicians, which is like herding cats. You end up not liking any of it so pay a music publisher a licence fee for a popular track. The result? … totally misses the mark. [00:43]

Audio Place hits the mark, everybody listens and you get the response you deserve. You choose from an effective, fun & affordable range of services including; creative writing, professional voices, your very own jingle or an explainer video like this one! We bring your words to life for a wide range of formats including TV, radio, film, online, on the phone and in store. [01:05]

We team up the most talented and creative individuals to deliver the best results. We’ve got the runs on the board in the media, health, sports, finance, trades and resources industries. [01:16]

So what is it that we do exactly and how do we do it? Well, Audio Place makes full broadcast quality radio ads that cut through the noise, using great copy, professional voices and cool production sound effects.

We’ll sit down over a coffee and take a detailed brief for your new jingle. With experienced composers and your lyrics approval our sound engineers will start recording the best musicians and singers in our Melbourne studios.

Perhaps you need a new video on your home page to drive sales: consultation, scripting, video production, professional voices and sound effects will get the job done!

Maybe your store needs overhead music with voiced product promotions. Or new and original music for your film, television show or a special occasion. [01:53]

Ensure the message you intend to send is the message sent and the message received. Don’t wait any longer. Start getting your ideas out there today. Simply hit the contact button below and we’ll be in touch to make it happen!

Audio Place: architects of sound. [02:06]

Jingles: How are they farmed

Step 1: The Brief. The combination of your knowledge and our creativity is invaluable. You fully understand the market, your products and services, the demographics & profile of your ideal customers and your company’s direction. And we have the creative musical maturity to connect with your future customers and get them spending. We’ll take a jingle brief on the phone, face to face or by email to ensures we have the perfect starting point. 

Step 2: The Pitch. Jingle Farm gets to work in a creative think-tank and comes back to you with a rationale which includes proposed vocal & musical style, an existing song as a reference point, instrumentation (instrument line up), tag-lines and lyric ideas. Up until this point there is no obligation.

Step 3: Production. Once you’ve signed off on the lyrics, the hard stuff sits with our creative team. We use a proven process that involves a web of internal quality control: Firstly, the melody must be memorable and sing-able with a huge “hook” factor. Secondly, the best vocalists & instrumentalists must be selected and their performance has to be of the highest standard for all jingles. Finally, the recording, mixing and mastering stages are each geared up for capital city production quality. For more samples and more information head to the Jingle Farm.

3 reasons thumbnail

4 steps to better radio ads

1. Simplicity.  A radio ad is thirty seconds in length. It can be very tempting to cram in as much content as possible. This practice is counter-productive.  It’s really important to leave air and room in order to give the key message points space to breath. This triggers the natural cognitive processes that minimize sensory overload.  If in doubt, leave it out and seek out the Script Tavern if you need a creative pen! An announcer tag can always direct listeners to your website and social media activity where you can lay on the extra information thick and fast.

2. Sound effects and production techniques.  A great radio ad excites the mind’s eye with insightful imagery.  In radio, you must show your audience with sound and evoke the senses.  Yeah, sure, sound effects might come in handy but the human ear is extremely perceptive. A professional audio engineer can place the listener in the advertisement with binaural filtering, panning and spacial effects to draw your next customer. Creative writers have a strong understanding of effective post production techniques and include them in their creative vision.

3. Original music
Why use generic production music when you can have your next customer singing your name and tag-line with catchy music from Jingle Farm. Imagery is important, that’s why 80% of radio ads in Australia focus on the mind’s eye but there is no better way to stand out from the crowd with original music. To read more about the Jingle Farm process click here to read our blog called “Jingles: how they are farmed“.

4. The opening attention grabber. 
The first impression of a great radio ad must plant a seed and make the listen inquisitive.  The brain has an uncanny ability to switch off and it’s a radio creative professionals to turn them on in a number of ways. Rather than lose listeners by building up to a key point it’s far better lead with a powerful message and connect the dots afterwards. Humour and shock value are other great attention grabbers to consider. Copy-writing from the Script Tavern will get results.