Web Videos and Animations

If you don’t have a web video you don’t have a web site. Videos are a “must have” when it comes to explaining, promoting and selling your products or services online.

We’re guessing you own or run a business and have paid a fair sum to get your website up and running. Well that’s the easy part. The hard part is getting people to buy or sign up for your products and services. We know that learning styles vary from auditory, literary and visual so it makes sense to cover all bases today with a punchy video.

Engage & educate your audience to maximise conversions from a visitors to customers with a captivating web video. A video that sits at the top of your home page will:

  • Outline which product or service is most suitable
  • Clearly explain how to use your product or service
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Show off the personality of your company

If you have read this far you have a good attention span. Let’s face it, half your web traffic visitors will get distracted by Facebook updates, tweets and other social media as well as receiving mobile phone calls and messages. Web videos are the most effective medium to secure your customers attention. They have been proven to convert visitors far more than a text heavy web page. Web videos work for your brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are heaps web video styles to choose from: hand-drawn & electronic whiteboards (time-lapsed for coolness), cartoons, info graphics, kinetic text and motion graphics. This delivers massive results, especially if it’s written in our Script Tavern and recorded at our Voice Market.

Video styles & case studies

WBP Property Animation: This video was produced for Australian home buyers and investors. Residential property is a popular asset class in Australia but it’s by no means a sure bet. Different property investment strategies produce different results. Greville looks at “John” and “Susie’s” approach and how each stargey plays out of a 20 year period. For more information about property investment, please contact WBP Property on 1300 302 581. Scripting, Animation, Creative & Sound design: Audio Place. Voiceover: Greville Pabst. Our star of the video was Greville’s illustrated avatar.

Own Body: Own Body Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is a unique and fully mobile service operating in the homes and offices of Melbournian clients’. Their service is reasonably priced and solves many problems confronting clients who do not have transport, time, money to waste or who simply struggle with their own mobility. The video has been carefully produced to ensure each of their target markets have a compelling reason to call. For more information about this service, please contact Fiona on 0418 316 008. Scripting, Animation, Creative & Sound design: Audio Place. Voiceover: Wallis Murpy-Munn.

Movin’ Office Case Study: This video was produced for office workers to watch before moving premises with Movin’ Office. The video aims to assist companies in organising advising their employees how to properly prepare and pack up their workstation so nothing gets left behind during the move. The “How To” video offers tips on the most efficient way to prepare for moving office and how to use specially designed office removals equipment. Camera Operator, Director & Editor: Ashleigh Hanley. Sound design: Audio Place. VO Artist. Dav Byrne. Our star of the video was owner of Movin’ Office, Aaron Hansford.

Beach Energy Case Study: The majority of office-based staff at Beach Energy work seated. Too many staff members were experiencing health difficulties due to poor posture and long seated stints. The OH&S department made an investment in some pretty special ergonomic chairs. To ensure each staff member knew how to operate their new chairs, Logic Films & Audio Place paired up to produce a three minute instructional video. The link was emailed to staff and remains posted on their intranet for future reference. This small investment aims to increase productivity and reduce future health risks.

“How To” Case Study: This SALS video was produced to promote a new tiling products by Ardex. It assists tradespeople and DIY renovators with product knowledge, surface preparation advice, installation techniques and tips to prevent damage. Camera Operator, Director, Copy & Editor: Ashleigh Hanley. Sound design: Audio Place. VO Artist. Dav Byrne.

China Bear Case Study: This video was produced to increase the readiness of residents who are moving house with China Bear Removals & Storage. The video demonstrates best practice packing techniques, which boxes to use and the order items should be packed. Camera Operator, Director, Copy & Editor: Ashleigh Hanley. Sound design: Audio Place. VO Artist. Dav Byrne.