Realistic sound effects and sound designs

Engage your audience with sound effects, sound design & Foley that will enhance film, TV, video, games, radio and apps. They are generally applied and synchronised during post production. We’ve got a massive library of royalty free sound effects that’ll cover many detailed requirements. If we can’t your fish out your sound from our pool, then we’ll go to the ends of the earth to make custom sounds in our Foley room. E.g. The Shadow – A David Lynch inspired nightmare short film by Sally Addinsall.

Foley artists look to recreate the very sounds that can be seen in a visual medium (film, TV or theatre). In many cases, Foley sounds are used to enhance the experience of a movie. Foley includes sounds such as restaurant ambience, a train going through a level crossing or a distant plane. Foley work and sound effects are routine for us so we are hoping that you’ve got something far more obscure to get our creativity flowing. Sound designs are generated and manipulated in our stealth studios using powerful software tools. They may be used for films, theatre, TV, live performance, sound art, installations, post-production and video gaming applications.

The samples below are just the tip of the iceberg and you can contact us directly with a request.

Best sound design of the month: Check out this customised thunder design that uses a combination of real life samples, FM synthesis, spacial and delay effects. Contact us before the sample is taken down for your FREE high fidelity copy.