What is a brief?

A creative design brief is a joint agreement between the producer and you (our client) on the specifications that will lead to a successful solution. Many of our clients feel that they need to provide the brief, and that we are there just to follow it. In a sense, the client does provide the brief, through the information that we gain, but the client shouldn’t write the brief without our input. We’ll be using the brief so we will write the brief clearly, accurately and comprehensively in consultation with your good self.The brief itself is not a work of art. You don’t need to spend hours making it look pretty—nobody will see it (apart from us).

Why do we need to do a brief?

Information you provide as part of the brief process will assist us to identify additional demographic information, behavioural characteristics, or sub-cultural influences that are specifically relevant and useful when attracting particular audience types.

Can we see what a brief entails?

As part of our commitment to providing transparent and efficient service, we offer prospective clients the option to download our Project Outline Document.


What sort of businesses does advertising work well for?

All businesses need to advertise in some shape or form. Direct selling achieves great results but hiring a Business Development Manager for $100,000+ may not be possible. Digital advertising is the cheapest way of reaching a large audience with a targeted approach. If you have access to a well-compiled target list and/or social media presence, then digital marketing is more cost effective.

What can my advertising realistically achieve?

A good advert might attract a lot of inquiries but lead to few sales because the brief was poor, the price is out of step with customer expectations, or you are tardy in following up. Measure the effectiveness of your digital advertising by monitoring all responses in your CRM (for example; Adwords, Web-video, Radio advertisement Social Media.

How much do I need to spend?

Consider how much you normally spend and how effective it was in relation to your business objectives. Assess what your competitors are doing, as if they are advertising heavily you might need to do the same to ensure your message is heard.  For example, if you are launching a new product you may need to spend heavily to increase awareness. Calculate how many extra sales you need to make to justify your spend. If you want to get value for money, only undertake campaigns that can be tested and revised as you go.


Why do a need jingle and can I afford one?

Jingles make you brand unforgettable. When music is combined with information it becomes ten times more memorable.

Jingles ensure your audience know you exist. Making noise is a great way to stand out from the crowd. You could be one of the few brands that consider how they sound instead of just how they look

People need to like your business. Music makes us feel good and helps to link positive neurological feeling with your awesome business.A jingle is like a sound track for your brand images that will start playing in our heads.

Jingles are an investment that never stop giving back. Jingles are a special investment that keep singing your praises long after all your staff have knocked off. Jingle Farm also have ways to economise the process (for example: using less musicians in the recording process). So hit the contact button below and get the ball rolling today.


Do you guys do messages on hold?

Yes. Audio Place has a range of obligation free packages. You’re only as professional as you sound. While many of us think they do not have any hold time in their business, that’s because they don’t call in (or use a direct number). The fact is that all business have hold time. What do your callers here when your put the phone down: chimes? “IT’S FOR YOU!”? silence? An illegal or out of tune radio? Don’t waste this great free broadcast medium. Talk to us today for your obligation free quotation.

Can I just connect the radio to my phone system?

Not without a licence and you’ll still risk playing your competitors adds to your own clients. As at May 2014, APRA charges $148.21 per line per location for any music from the radio, CD or iPod connected to your phone system. Audio Place tailor effective promotional message about your business and montage them with royalty free music. It’s a “no-brainer”!


Can I just record my own voice?

Always engage a professionally trained voiceover who is recorded in a quality studio environment. This will convey a credible and relatable message to your market. We can all drive a car but racing the Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricardo in F1 is going to end in tears… or worse. Unless your strategy is to sound like amateurs, leave it to the professionals.


Why should I get a web video?

ComStores research shows people are 64% more likely to buy from a website with a video. Google stats show you are 53 times more likely to be on page one for your keyword listing if you have a video. It’s one of the most necessary attraction and position strategies your business needs. If you don’t have a web video, you don’t have a web site.