Customised advertising jingles

Increase sales by promoting your brand through radio, TV, social media, online, on hold or in-store with an unforgettable & tailored jingle. Your audience will be singing your brand name and tag line just when they need you most. You call the shots and are involved at every stage of the process. You receive the master copies of your jingle which containing all the edits to cover off on all application such as:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Web
  • In-store
  • On hold applications

Our licences are not just affordable but totally unlimited! This means you can continue to broadcast your unique jingle across a range of mediums forever without having to put your hands back in your pockets! Unlimited broadcast licences are a rare gift that continue to attract new customers for years to come. We even script and produce your first radio ad at no charge.

Jingle Farm can also re-work or modify existing pieces of music. This requires approval from the publisher who holds the rights to the music and/or performance.

Jingle Farm video transcript

Some weirdo’s tell me jingles are old and naff. And I tell ‘em “guess what, your mum is old and naff”. 3 reasons why jingles are f#%ing awesome & you f#%ing need one to make you business awesome. Number 1: people need to know your business exists. Please are self-centred and easily distracted. You need to grab their attention – make some noise. Number 2: people need to like your business. Music makes us feel great – it’s been medically proven . . by doctors. Okay? You know when you hear a song and it instantly takes you back – to an old lover or a great summers day from your childhood? Well that’s music! being f#%ing awesome. Neuroscientist, Doctor John Did-not-exist said “music serves as a sound track for a mental movie that starts playing in our head”. But he probably said it like a massive nerd. But whatever, because when people hear your jingle their brains will make the same positive neurological connections, instantly linking those awesome feelings to your awesome business. With the help of your handy jingle people know your business exist and they love it but here’s the clincher – Number 3: A jingle makes your business un- f#%ing-forgettable. When information is combined with music it becomes 10 times more memorable, making a permanent record of information in your brain. So get a jingle, it’ll make your business tingle. What’s that?! We’re not using that tagline? Audio Place: architects of sound.
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