In store radio and promotional messages

Increase in-store customer time, enjoyment and spend with targeted in-store music. Voiced promotional messages are integrated between tracks to engage your customers.

Keeping customers in-store longer and spending more is easy with the right overhead music and messages (i.e. in-store radio). Be it a store, restaurant, gym or other commercial location, appropriate music and/or tailored messages will make all the difference to your commercial venue.

The Music Store has the know-how when it comes to custom in-store radio solutions and have solutions that leverage “the cloud” with an apple-based app, Wi-Fi or LAN based solutions. The package includes AMCOS licensing, targeted music, media player, connectivity, scripting, voicing and programming.

Broadcasting radio in a commercial space requires licensing and risks the chance of your competitors ads playing in your store (Check out our blog on streaming in-store radio!). The Music Store turns risky business into increased business. We obliterate your APRA & AMOCS reporting nightmare and supply the just the right music. What better way to extend the amount of time & money your customers spend in-store?

Sounds complicated? Music Store simplifies the process and does the grunt work behind the scenes so your in-store radio sets the right vibe and gets customers buying. We align the solution with your current and changing brand themes and connect the dots with your marketing initiatives.