Original & Licensed Music

Here you can find original music for film, TV, online, theatre, public performance & presentations. We are also able to negotiate with music publishers on your behalf to secure the rights to protected music. (E.g. Like Jeep has the rights to use Potbelleez “Don’t Hold Back”.

Getting the right original music for any occasion is now easy in the Song Garden. Every important occasion in our lives is marked with music so it’s important to get it right. Whether you are looking for royalty free music, commissioning original music or looking to acquire licensing to an existing piece, you’ll find it through the Song Garden.

Get ready to enhance your ideas for film, corporate PowerPoint presentations, websites or any other conceivable application.

Audio Place musicians and producers can take a small idea and turn it into a gem that will never be forgotten. Or, if you’re an emerging singer/songwriter looking for a publishing deal, we’ll develop your lyrics into a commercial quality production ready to pitch at the A&R departments at any number of record labels!

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