The Team

Antony Darvill – Managing Director

As a younger bloke, Antony acquired a bachelor’s degree in music and a master’s degree in education (both from the University of Sydney). He worked in Australia as a high school teacher … and was an atrocious educator. While attempting to teach abroad, London’s Platinum Records recruited him as their audio engineer where he worked with the Sugar Babes, UB40 and many more artist producing bands for London radio. Later in his twenties, he worked in professional services developing business, strategy & building high performing sales and marketing teams. More recently he has been General Manager of a Melbourne creative, voice and audio production house and now considers himself lucky and privileged to pair his corporate & creative experiences at Audio Place. He still writes & records in our studio but we prefer him to just leave us alone and run the business.


Isla McDonald – Audio Producer

Isla completed a Bachelor in Audio Production with SEA in Sydney. SHe’s honed hear craft producing pop and indy acts in the UK and Australia. Isla has produced countless radio ads and promo’s so is naturally in demand for her on air nous. When not running voice sessions and producing audio for radio, television and online videos, Isla is a live engineer and roller derby enthusiast! She wont allow us to post her picture but I think she looks like Emma Stone (pictured).

John Ryan – Session Musician

John’s ability to hit the musical mark has seen him record in premier studios all over the globe. Now based in Melbourne, Audio Place is privileged to borrow his chops as often possible. John has a load of live performance experience and now focuses on studio sessions. With his international experience and innate groove, John has become the session muso that delivers the rhythm section that keeps the Audio Place a high traffic zone. In a savvy move to fund his families future, John has also positioned himself as a highly sought after trainer in the web and IT space. His true calling is to leverage that versatile ear that makes ears listen and hearts resonate.

Sasha Ely-Judkins – Singer

Singing, acting & dancing are among Sasha’s list of enviable talents. Her successful career spans the United Kingdom, the Untited States and Down Under. She’s toured the world and shared the stage with many famous artists. Now Sasha is on standby to track her renowned vocals that always cut through where others vocalists can not.

Ashley Bayford – Information Systems Consultant

Ash works for Audio Place in a technical capacity leveraging the best digital tools available. Ash is a problem solver and seeks imaginative ways to give clients a competitive advantage using technology.

Steve Judkins – Singer

With a rich and versatile baritone range, Steve is a highly favoured male vocalist. His styles range from rock, pop & jazz through to classical & theater. Listen to the demo below and you’ll see why he is an obvious choice for many Audio Place jingles. Steve can also voice convincing, Irish, English, Southern and West Coast accents which are available in the Voice Market. With countless success stories on the West End and an ever expanding TV & Film credentials in  Los Angeles, Audio Place is pleased to have access to such excellent home grown talents.

Tiffany Davis – Professional actress and voiceover artist

Presenting the most relatable and diverse actress in Melbourne. Tiffany has appeared on local and national television commercials for RACV, Fernwood and Nestle just to name a few. Her credits also include film and musical theatre. She has worked with Grundy Television (Neighbours) and John Tabbagh of Roving Enterprises. Special expertise in presenting and eLearning extend her versatility to voiceovers and corporate videos. The results Tiffany produces with Audio place are exciting and now you too can leverage her many talents.

Simon Todman – Actor and professional voiceover artist

Simon Todman is an Australian actor who has worked in many television shows including Underbelly, Tangle and The Pacific. Appearing in several television commercials for TAB, Carlton Draught and Kmart Simon has developed a mature and relaxed style which translates well to radio, training applications and web videos.

Professional Voiceover Artists

The right voiceover makes all the difference. There is simply too many professional voice over artists to list on the team page. Our hand picked MVO’s and FVO’s cover all ages and conceivable styles. Audio Place can provide a range of demonstration audio upon request or cast the perfect tones for your script. Our voice over artists are available for TV commercials, radio adds, audio books, guided tours, prerecorded public announcements, podcasts and web videos. So if you need variety and control within a tight budget and without compromising quality you’ve come to the right Audio Place.